Globally Connected.

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Locally Grounded.


This is Small Potion.
A Digital Media Studio established in 2018.

We see the World Wide Web as the most unlimited space humans have to connect with each other, share their creations and express their messages.

Our commitment is to create  well-structured and unique digital experiences, openly accessible to most people, and flexible to stand the test of time.

  • Sunset photoSeba, Majo and Mar having Launch
  • Growing MushromsCactus photo from the top
  • abandoned room
  • Design bookKombucha in process
  • photo of an insect resting
  • plant + photo
  • River, sunset, swimtree
  • Sunset
  • old office
  • organic food, agricultureastronaut playmobil
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  • natureold office vintage
  • Mate
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  • Playmobile being themselfsPlaymobile resting
  • New office set up!

About Us

Our subculture is based on a biodiverse lifestyle: plenty of kombucha, yoga, internet, upcycling, farming, organic food & human connection.

Meet the team

(Ordered by Age)


Connection Power

Harris's Slider photo
Whale EmojiMount Fuji EmojiStellite antenna EmojiGlowing star EmojiAirplane Emoji

A Strategic Thinker. Entrepreneur and Customer Relations Expert.

INTO: Outdoors, Music, Exploring new places around the world. Olympics.


Creative Power

Jean Paul's section photo
Rabbit face EmojiSwimmer EmojiGreen Heart EmojiDash Symbol EmojiElectric Light Bulb Emoji

An intrepid Visual Artist and product designer.

INTO: Yoga, Entrepreneurship, Healthy Lifestyle, Upcycling, Football, Cooking, Singing.


Creation Power

Seba's section photo
Penguin EmojiPerson bowing EmojiTent EmojiFire EmojiBalloon Emoji

A Full-stack Problem Solver and Developer.

INTO: Self-Sufficiency, Internet, Farming, Yoga, Chess, Alternative Education.


Ground Power

Isma's section photo
Chicken EmojiRocket EmojiCrescent moon EmojiExtraterrestrial EmojiMusical note Emoji

A multidisciplinary hard worker.

INTO: Personal Growth, Music, Sports, Kombucha brewing, Online Games, Internet.

Del Real

Expression Power

Vicky's slider photo
Dolphin EmojiRose EmojiParty popper EmojiMobile Phone EmojiGhost Emoji

A social mother.

INTO: Mothering, Fashion, Social Media, Traveling, Countryside, Local traditions.


Noise Power

Manuel Tenchio Profile Image
Dog EmojiSigh EmojiPencil writing EmojiArtist Palette EmojiGuitar Emoji

A medicated artist and polyglot.

INTO: Music, Psychology, Screaming, Retro-Tech, Plastic models, Collecting.